'Sea-Hawks!' Hundreds rally in Renton ahead of playoff game


RENTON -- On Friday, it got loud. Almost as loud as Seahawks gameday at CenturyLink Field.

"We're the twelfth man of course," said Hawks' fan Marcella. "And woman, of course."

Hundreds gathered at Renton City Hall for a Seahawks rally leading up to the big play-off game with Carolina on Saturday.

"It’s more excitement for sure," said Richelle, another fan who has followed the team since its inception in 1976. "To think this is really happening again, it’s unbelievable."

Also at the rally were several deserving fans chosen by Delta Airlines to go to the game. Lydia Stewart and her son Benson won two of the tickets to what will be the first Seahawks game they've ever attended. Stewart's other son, 13-year old Lucas, has battled cancer his whole life and was recently re-admitted to the hospital.

"He’s struggling, but he’s a fighter," said Stewart. "My other son, Benson, it takes a huge toll on him too when i’m in the hospital with Luke. So it’s just great to have this time together."

Army SGT. Chadwick Pedro also received tickets, an honor for his boy Trenton, who has watched after the family while SGT. Pedro served 4 tours in Iraq.

"It’s going to be his first game," said Pedro. "It’s going to be great."

And greatness is what all those loud hawks fans have come to expect from their team, and a win is what they expect on Saturday.