Seahawk fans know how to tailgate... even in NYC


Seahawk fans know how to tailgate. The 12th Man has turned it into an art form, even here in New Jersey. Thousands of Hawk Fans are here, many of whom made the cross country trek from the Northwest.

But at the Super Bowl in February here at Met Life stadium, tailgating will look very different.

The NFL has laid down the law. At the big game, pregame festivities can't extend outside of a single parking space.

No RVs, no corn hole games. no grilling.  If you can't fit your fun into a single space, you will be ticketed. And they are serious about this.

"I think it's kind of lame," says Tony Scott, a Seahawks fan from Washington, D.C. "I think they are doing it just to try to keep the 12th Man down, but nothing is going to do that."

Only 13,000 parking passes will be issued for the lot, at $150 bucks a pop. That may be an even hotter ticket on the scalpers market than the game itself.

No taxis, no town car dropoffs.

The planning committee is encouraging fans to take shuttle buses to the game and hoof it a half mile to the stadium.

"I don't think it's going to work", says Hawk fan Debbie Larson, who traveled here from Seattle. "Hawk fans will find some room to party. We always have a good time."

These 12s are extremely confident that the Hawks will be back for that game... and so will a lot of these fans, even if they have to crawl all the way back.