Seahawks fan recounts thrill of getting lost wallet returned by Marshawn Lynch

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- Remember when Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch said before the Super Bowl that he seldom speaks to the media because he’s all about that action, Boss? Well, he’s all about that action off the field, too.

During a trip to visit students at Marysville-Pilchuck High School Tuesday, he found a lost wallet at a nearby gas station. He went out of his way to make sure that fan got it back.

It’s not hard to guess who Jason Lynch’s favorite Seahawks player is.

“It’s definitely cool to have Lynch on the back of the jersey, and it's my name and his name. But his playing style, too, he's just so entertaining to watch.”

So Jason couldn’t believe it when he stopped at a gas station in Marysville, and a Mercedes van pulled up.

“Marshawn Lynch jumped out. I was just kind of star-struck. I was like, oh, my God, Marshawn! I knew immediately it was him.”

He thought about asking for a picture, so he went to grab his phone. That’s when he accidentally dropped his wallet. According to Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette, Marshawn found the wallet and looked inside.

Lockette said, “The last name (in the wallet) happened to be Lynch. He was, like, this could be my cousin, but it doesn't look like me.”

Lockette said Marshawn wanted to return the wallet despite the fact that Jason’s house was 20 minutes out of the way.

“Marshawn’s like, 'We're going.' I said OK, Beast Mode, we're going.”

Jason wasn’t home when they got there. They started knocking on other doors, and met neighbor Jhalene Hartel.

“I asked both of them their names,” said Hartel, who wanted to be sure she wasn’t imagining things. “Marshawn said, 'I’m just the dude trying to give the dude back his wallet.'"

Although they wouldn’t let Hartel take a picture, she said, they were both nice guys. She was impressed they took the time to help a fan.

“More than anything, Marshawn probably wanted to meet this other Lynch fellow that he just happened to stumble across.”

Jason wishes he had gotten to meet Marshawn. He had to settle for saying thank you on Twitter.

“To go out of his way to do something like that, for just a regular guy like me,” he said. “He was already my favorite Seahawk, now he's my all-time favorite Seahawk, my favorite all-time everything.”

Jason knows Marshawn doesn’t like a lot of attention, and probably didn’t think anyone would find out about him returning the wallet.

But he says part of the reason he wanted to share the story is so Marshawn could see just how much he’s loved and appreciated by the Seahawks fans.

Jason wants Marshawn to sign a contract extension and stay in Seattle for the rest of his NFL career.