Seahawks fans pack Blue Friday rallies, cheer players on as they leave for Minn.

RENTON, Wash. -- The 12s are all in for Sunday's Seahawks game. They sent off the team in style Friday with a series of rallies throughout the region.

Former Seahawks players Marcus Trufant and Jordan Babineaux weren’t surprised to see so many loud and proud fans in Renton.

“The 12s have always been there, but I think they've taken it to another level now,” says Trufant.

“Our Seahawks crowds are crazy, but now it's normal,” adds Babineaux. “Like crazy is Seahawks normal.”

That’s why no one thinks it’s crazy to dress your cat up in Seahawks gear.

“Our love for the hawks has been going on since she was a little kitten,” says Freyu, as he took pictures with his cat Richard Purrman.

No one blinks if you paint your beard for Blue Friday.

“Every playoff Blue Friday, we go all out,” says Donny Dang. “It’s all in, we're all in, right?”

For many 12s, cheering on the Hawks is a family tradition.

“My wife paints me up,” says Brian Wilcox. “Then we take our middle schooler out of school.”

Even those new to the Pacific Northwest understand there’s something special about this fan base. Debbie Petrusa grew up in Australia, and is still learning how American football works.

“I’ll be honest, I struggled at first. Then all of a sudden, it just clicked. And now I love it.”

She also loves this team. She's not alone.

“We share the same passion, we support our team all the way,” says Dang.

”The 12 man nation here in Seattle, they are feeling this playoff run,” says Babineaux. “They’re excited about Sunday and they should be.”

Quarterback Russell Wilson posted the following tweet Friday afternoon, before flying out of Sea-Tac: