Seahawks lights show draws a crowd

WHATCOM COUNTY -- Sure, your green and blue Christmas decorations show your allegiance to the Seattle Seahawks. But did you set 17,000 animated lights to Hawks Announcer Steve Raible's voice in a 2-minute feast for the eyes?

I don't think so. And you call yourself a fan....

Ryan Mitchell and Everett Way Lights turned a home at 1751 Emerald Way in Lynden, Wash. into a moving, jiving tribute to the Hawks and the 12th Man. The lights 

operate from 4:30 -9:30 p.m., and draw quite a crowd, Mitchell said on his Facebook page.

"Traffic is extremely backed up tonight," Mitchell wrote on the page the other day. "The show has been shortened due to the high volume of traffic."

Mitchell asked people on his Facebook page to be respectful of neighbors, who have been dealing with increased crowds attracted by the light show.

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