Seahawks Stimulus: Downtown businesses expect boost from playoffs

SEATTLE -- Downtown businesses are hoping for a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl run. Tourism experts say Seahawks home playoff games create a surge in spending at bars, restaurants, hotels, and other small businesses.

"Typically, winters at the Pike Place Market can be very desolate for shoppers and the success of the Seahawks has brought throngs of people here," said artist Daniel Fleming.

Fleming sells his artwork, which includes a few Seahawks-inspired pieces, at the market.

'Visit Seattle' estimates fans will spend millions of dollars if the city hosts two playoff games this year. Over the past several years, experts have tracked an increase in hotel rentals on game day weekends.

“You hear so much about Seattle,” said tourist Jerry Mathias. “Even way out in Toronto, we hear so much more about the Seahawks.”

Mathias and his wife traveled from Toronto for Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Rams. They’ve spent several days in Seattle, dining at seafood restaurants and shopping downtown.

“It was the perfect place to shop,” said Dee Mathias.

The Seattle Seahawks will host an NFC Divisional Playoff game on Saturday January 10 at 5:15 p.m.  Their opponent will announced after the NFC Wild Card game next weekend. If they win, the NFC Championship game will also be played in Seattle.