Seattle cracking down on vehicles parked for 72 hours or longer

Starting at the end of this week, Seattle is cracking down on abandoned vehicles and dishing out warnings and fines to anyone parked in the same spot for three days or longer.

The 72-hour parking rule goes into effect on Thursday.

It is a rule that has not been enforced for nearly two years (19 months) due to the pandemic, but the city says they are receiving so many requests to address the issue of abandoned cars, they feel it is the appropriate time to re-instate the parking 72-hour parking restriction.

The Seattle Department of Transportation says the initial focus is on abandoned and hazardous vehicles, but they say any vehicle parked in the same space for three days faces the possibility of fines.

Along Green Lake Park, dozens of RVs and cars are permanently parked.

"It’s very unpleasant," said Due Tan. "This park is designed for everyone to enjoy, but they are moving in like residents now," she added.

Beau Labreche agrees with Tan that the vehicles parked along Green Lake are an eyesore. He just does not know what the alternative is.

"Where are you placing your complaint, because I don’t like it any more than they do," he said.

For the last three months, Labreche says he has lived in his RV parked right outside of Green Lake Park.

On Thursday, when the 72-hour parking rule goes into effect, he may have to find a new place to stay, which he says will just create more issues.

"If it [his RV] breaks down and I can’t get it running in three days, what am I going to do? I’m just stuck; just like lose all my stuff, or have to pay a huge ticket on top of trying to get it fixed and running," he said.

Labreche says he is trying to complete his education and get a job, but the 72-hour parking rule may make it difficult for him to get back on his feet.

"I keep trying, and they keep trying to put me back on the park bench. And they’re going to complain about me being on the park bench when I lose everything again," he said.

SDOT says parking enforcement will not impound vehicles that have someone living inside unless the vehicle creates a risk to the public.

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