Seattle detectives say heat from WMW and viewers leads to surrender of missing sex offender

Jason-Rothmeyer3FUGITIVE CAPTURED August 2, 2014 -- Seattle police say a missing sex offender surrendered on Saturday. Seattle police and the Department of Corrections in King County had been searching for Jason Rothmeyer. Detectives say they almost had him a week ago when they spotted him near 11th and 85th in Seattle's Crown Hill neighborhood, but he was able to run away. He has nine felony convictions, including two for voyeurism where he exposed himself.

Detectives say he'd recently been driving this white 1997 GMC Suburban with Washington license plate numbers AQC7360. Seattle detectives say the WMW story definitely forced him to ditch his vehicle, and after that he was on foot. Detectives talked to him today (Aug. 4) and say he knew he was on WMW. Detectives think his decision to turn himself in was a combination of the pressure of being on WMW and knowing that officers with the North Precinct Anti-Crime Team were actively looking for him. He is a registered sex offender. Detectives say WMW should take at least partial credit for his surrender because tons of people in Ballard saw the broadcast and were actively looking for him. It shut down his ability to hang out in public.   Jason Rothmeyer is 42-years-old and uses the fake last name "Veidt."