Seattle illustrator celebrates milestone for Skip and Pip, the adorable comic that nearly never was

SEATTLE --  A Seattle illustrator is celebrating the anniversary of two beloved characters who nearly never happened.

Catherine Dair published her first comic strip starring Skip and Pip the Pride Bunnies one year ago.

Since that time the two gay bunnies have attracted a huge following online and in real life.

There was a lot of conscious thought on my part on what I wanted them to represent. First and foremost of course was LGBT Pride. But I wanted the comics to be accessible to all ages. I thought of them as my own little ambassadors for “love is love”. They would show it in a not preachy, humorous fashion what any couple goes through in a relationship in a way that all ages could relate to. The ever-pragmatic Skip and the slightly ditzy Pip show the world that no matter how much they might bug each other from time to time, love wins out in the end. My two little boy bunnies demonstrate that it doesn’t matter who you love but that you do it authentically.

Dair who generally illustrates for Romance and Science Fiction says she never dreamed the two bunnies would come to mean so much to so many.

A couple of years ago I envisioned an original creation of my own that would have heartwarming characters and a storyline that would hopefully speak to people. I have two universes in my head for two graphic novels with a gay romance storyline even now. I’ll get to them someday, but right now I’m happy to have two little bunnies and their crazy antics take over my free time.