Seattle man charged with cyber-stalking for allegedly posting naked pics of woman on revenge site

SEATTLE -- A Seattle man has been charged with cyber-stalking for allegedly uploading nude photos of a woman on a revenge porn website and allegedly threatening to show them to her friends and family if she didn't "play along."

Prosecutors say his actions were exceedingly cruel and his only motivation was to hurt another person.

Jeremy Scott "Silo" Walters, 31, a computer tech, advertised his services on Craigslist.

The victim hired him in June 2011 to transfer data from one desktop computer to another. Unfortunately, she had naked pictures of herself on the hard drive.

When Q13 FOX News tried to talk to Walters Thursday, he refused to answer his door.

Walters is accused of posting dozens of naked pictures of the woman on a revenge porn website. Police said he then started calling her last year, threatening to show them to friends and family if she didn’t "play along."

Walters’ neighbors say the accusations are disturbing.

“It is kind of creepy,” Patricia Alghren said.

The calls got more and more alarming, the victim has said, with the computer tech allegedly threatening to "tie her up and rape her."

Police say this case is a reminder for everyone to go to a reputable business when dealing with sensitive information.

Ebits PC Laptop says always back up your files and delete any sensitive information before handing over your computer for repair.

“The biggest things I’ve seen are passport scans and driver’s license scans,” tech David Blythe said.

Experts also say to always clear your browsing history and cookies.

“It can tell them passwords, really any form information you fill out, an address, credit card info that can be saved in a cookie,” Blythe said.

The recommendation is too late for the woman allegedly targeted by Walters.

Detectives say Walters also confessed. Court documents state the computer tech was “angry” with the victim but doesn’t elaborate why.

Police say they are looking to see if there are other women targeted by Walters.

They have also identified at least one other suspect who lives out of state. Detectives say the second suspect started harassing the victim by sending her nude photos to her family and friends after coming across them on the revenge porn website.