Seattle man hasn't been seen since texting 'my luck has run out' to a friend

SEATTLE – Seattle police say a 62-year-old man sent a cryptic text to his friend earlier this month and hasn’t been seen since.

Police are asking for help finding Richard Arneson, who lived in West Seattle and hasn’t been seen since he failed to show up for work on Feb. 5. A friend went to check on him, found the back door open and called police.

The police searched the apartment and found neither Arneson nor any signs of foul play.

Later that day, that friend got a text message from Arneson saying “my luck has run out.”

Arneson liked to walk trails in the West Seattle and Rainier Valley, but police haven’t been able to find him.

If you have any information, call Det. Elizabeth Litalien at (206) 684-5007.