Seattle minimum wage moves toward $15 on Friday

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle's minimum wage takes another step toward $15 an hour on Friday.

Depending on the size of the business and whether the employees have health insurance, workers in Seattle will make as much as $13 an hour minimum in 2016.

In November, voters in Tacoma approved a graduated increase to $12 an hour starting in 2016. Employees who work at least $80 a year within the Tacoma city limits, will make $10.35 an hour starting on Feb. 1.

The statewide minimum in Washington is $9.47 an hour for the second year. It will no longer be the highest in the nation, as Massachusetts and California are both increasing to $10. Alaska's minimum wage also is higher than Washington's, going up to $9.75 an hour on Friday. Other states with higher statewide wages include Connecticut and Rhode Island.