Seattle Monorail now accepting ORCA cards for payment

SEATTLE -- Starting Monday (Oct. 7), you can use your ORCA card at the Seattle Center Monorail.

The one-way cost for adults is $3. It's $1.50 for kids.

The city is hoping people will use the cards to pay for access to Seattle Center, including the future new arena where NHL Seattle will play starting in 2021. The move is also designed to improve the Monorail's integration with other transit options.

Built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, the red and blue Monorail trains depart every 10 minutes from stations at Seattle Center and Westlake Center Mall at 5th and Pine Street. Each trip takes two minutes, and each train can carry up to 250 passengers per trip.

Sound Transit notes that using ORCA can save riders money. When riders transfer between ORCA agencies' bus and train (Link and Sounder) and monorail services, the amount paid for an earlier trip is automatically applied toward the next trip within a two-hour window.