Seattle police beefing up Capitol Hill patrols

SEATTLE -- Capitol Hill is becoming a hot bed for crime and police are beginning to beef up patrols in response.

The response comes after a major uproar from businesses in the area who say the streets are not safe.

With a popular area comes a downside, criminals are preying on people -- assaulting them and robbing them of money or cell phones.

John Markle said he was robbed along 11th between Pike and Pine just three months ago.

"Basically I heard footsteps behind me and before I knew it, was hit in the back of the head with a skateboard and was knocked out immediately," he said. "There's assaults every single night of the week and it's getting out of hand absolutely."

"It's sad that a small neighborhood like this -- you need as body-guard to get to your car at night and just to get home," said Jeff Seaver who works at Lost Lake Cafe.

Just last Friday, an employee was assaulted there.

Back in June, a 16-year-old was chased by a mob of teens who demanded his shirt and backpack. He managed to get away and call 9-1-1.

Now officers, some on foot, are patrolling those troubled areas.

"I've seen uniformed officers walking around and that's honestly that is just a small relief in itself," Seaver said. "Working here late nights can be pretty rowdy and just knowing that they're a shout away is comforting."