Seattle Police officer on paid leave after video shows officer nearly hit protesters with vehicle

A Seattle Police officer is on paid leave and under investigation after reportedly driving onto a Seattle sidewalk, nearly hitting protesters during a demonstration on Aug. 13.

According to the Office of Police Accountability, the department received multiple inquiries about a video from a bystander, showing the officer speeding toward a group of protesters and onto the sidewalk.

A witness who filmed the officer speeding toward protesters says he was in shock hearing the officer's remarks about his actions. In the video, the officer can be heard making comments about his salary and calling pedestrians "roaches."

"Frightening to see. His whole attitude was very upsetting," said the witness. "And this guy is making $200,000 with that attitude? It's just really hard to believe."

Seattle Police say the officer is on leave until the investigation is complete. Officials ask anyone with additional information about the incident to contact OPA at (206) 684-8797.