Seattle police say teenage girls threw bleach in women's faces, tried to rob them

SEATTLE – Two teenage girls threw bleach in people’s faces and tried to rob them Monday night, Seattle police said.

A woman in the 9000 block of Rainier Ave. said she was standing next to her car around 7:15 p.m. Monday when she heard someone behind her say “excuse me.”

She said when she turned around, a woman threw a coffee cup filled with bleach or something similar in her face and tried to grab her phone.

Somehow, the woman was able to fight off the attacker and run into a nearby store, where the staff called 911. She was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

About an hour later, another woman reported a similar attack. She said she was in the parking lot of a grocery store in the 3900 block of S. Othello St. when two teenage girls approached her and threw bleach in her face before trying to take her purse.

Once again, the woman was able to fight off the attackers and keep her purse.

Police said the attackers are described as black females age 14-18. One is about 4-foot-11, the other is about 5-foot-5. One had cornrows, and both wore black hoodies.

Call the SPD robbery unit at (206) 684-5535 if you have any information.