Seattle police trying to identify serial burglar who targets coffee stands

SEATTLE -- Police are trying to find the man responsible for at least four burglaries. They say he stole a van, then drove around the city breaking into coffee stands.

He’s been dubbed the "Lady Bug bandit" because he was caught on camera breaking into Lady Bug Espresso in Seattle's Sodo district two weeks ago.

But police don’t believe his crime spree started there. They say the white van that he drives up in was stolen from a home in south Seattle. At least three coffee stands were broken into over the next two days.

In two of the cases, he broke windows to get into the businesses. The owner of Espresso By Design didn’t want to talk to us on camera. But he says the thief took his cash register and smashed it on the ground outside.

In the video at Lady Bug Espresso, he’s also seen taking the cash register and putting it in the getaway van.

“We have found the van, that's the good news,” says retired detective Myrle Carner. “It was found in a Costco parking lot, and inside what did we find? Yes, the cash register.”

The thief is seen taking electronics from the stand. Investigators think he was trying to steal or break the security system, which is why he didn’t hide from the cameras.

“He looks right up at the camera, it's like he's almost posing for the shot. Kind of like I’ve already disabled the video. But no, you have not.”

They hope someone will recognize him or his clothing.

“Pay particular attention to his hat. A very distinctive logo, off to the side,” says Carner.

If you think you know who he is, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound at 1-800-222-TIPS.