Seattle Public Utilities warns customers of a phone scam threatening to shut off power

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is warning the public about a phone scam circulating the area, where a caller pressures customers into making immediate payments.

According to SPU, there have been multiple reports of customers receiving calls from a scammer, who impersonates SPU and threatens to shut off a victim's utilities unless they make an immediate payment over-the-phone. On Wednesday, SPU sent out information on social media, educating customers about the warning signs of a potential scam and how to report it.

According to SPU, they will never:

  • Call a customer and demand a payment over the phone.
  • Threaten to shut off a customer's utilities if payments are not made immediately over the phone.
  • Pressure customers into making immediate payments.

SPU says that scammers will often pressure a customer to purchase a pre-paid credit card in order to make these immediate payments. In addition, caller ID from a scammer can closely resemble Seattle Public Utilities.

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Anyone who suspects they have received a phone call from a potential scam is urged to hang up immediately, and report it by calling 206-684-3000.