Seattle reached record high temperature Monday, but chilly, rainy nights are on the way

SEATTLE -- It is hard to believe, but Seattle set a record high Monday at 61 degrees.

The Easterly wind Monday morning warmed the air Monday afternoon and gave SeaTac a high over 60 degrees, despite being near freezing Monday morning.

The nights will continue to be cold this week, but a little rain expected Tuesday night will keep temperatures above freezing.

Tuesday starts out dry, but some light rain will move in later in the day.

Thanks to the Olympic Mountains, the Seattle metro area won't see much rain. It will mostly fall in the foothills and mountains.

The passes stay “snow-free” this week and weekend.

Wednesday has some passing rain showers, but not much.

Thursday will be dry. Friday looks mostly dry but there will be some showers for the foothills and mountains again.

The weekend looks great with more dry days and afternoon sunshine. That's amazing for this time of year. Enjoy!