Seattle shooting: 2 people killed in Wallingford identified

Seattle Police are investigating after firefighters say two people were shot and killed early Tuesday morning.

Officers were called before 1:00 a.m. Tuesday to 49th and Meridian in the Wallingford neighborhood. Police initially said they were investigating reports of one person injured.

The Seattle Fire Department told FOX 13 News that crews found a man dead when they arrived. They began life-saving efforts on a nearby woman, but she died at the scene. Both appeared to have been shot.

The medical examiner on Thursday identified the victims as 37-year-old James Smith and 25-year-old Victoria Phillips. Both were determined to have died from multiple gunshot wounds, and their deaths have been ruled a homicide.

Neighbors near the scene told FOX 13 News that they saw a body in the street.

"I went out and I was trying to see if my car was involved in something because it was right there and I did see a body outside a car, right next to my car," said neighbor Shannon Ward. "The body was on the ground and I was told to go back inside my apartment. And then another cop came up to me to tell me that my car was apparently not damaged, no bullet holes, so I said ‘oh someone got killed?’ and he said ‘a couple people.’"

The medical examiner arrived at the scene around 5:00 a.m.

No further details have been released. 

Police have not released any suspect information.