Seattle Times: Boeing to build 777X wing in Everett

EVERETT - The Boeing Company has picked Everett as the location where the 777X wing will be built, the Seattle Times reported.  Boeing decided to locate the new facility where the giant wing will be built next to its final assembly plant in Everett, according to people with knowledge of the plans.  The official announcement by Boeing may come as early as Tuesday.

"We are studying our options for a site in the Puget Sound area that will allow us to meet our business needs most successfully.  Ultimately, we will choose the location that makes the most sense for our customers and for the company," said Boeing Company spokesman Doug Alder.

The selection of the Everett site may secure an investment of up to $4 billion for Snohomish County, the Times reported.  Additionally, it ensures employment for thousands of employees, needed to fabricate the advanced composite wing.

The 777X is scheduled to enter service with airlines in 2020.