Seattle to become first city to incorporate wireless charging, electric double-decker buses

Seattle will soon become the first city in North America to utilize electric double-decker transit buses with wireless charging.

Seattle will get 48 wirelessly charging electric buses, including 33 double-deckers.

InductEV, a Pennsylvania-based wireless electric vehicle charging supplier, made the announcement on Tuesday.

This new charging technology aims to avoid wired, depot-oriented charging methods that consume considerable real state and electric utilities.

"It's about more than just buses. It's about transforming communities, reducing emissions, and creating greener, more efficient transportation systems.," said Brandon Anulewicz, Chief Revenue Officer for InductEV. "We continue to work closely with local agencies to facilitate the expansion of statewide wireless networks, connecting Washington communities and spearheading sustainable transportation solutions."

InductEV's wireless charging technology debuted in Washington in 2017 with Link Transit in Wenatchee. Link Transit's accomplishments include a 17-hour duty cycle and a 1:1 diesel replacement ratio for enhanced range and operational efficiency.

The hope for these wireless charging buses is to enhance the use of renewable energy while reducing carbon footprints and fuel costs.


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The new technology is currently in use or scheduled for deployment in about 100 electric buses throughout the state, including 35 InductEV in-ground wireless charging pads.