Seattle victim tells of being jumped, attacked by 5 men -- twice

BeatingPicSEATTLE -- Jeremiah Apana has two cracked eye sockets.

The bridge of his nose is crushed.

His brain stem may have been damaged and he has multiple cuts and bruises all over his body all after a brutal beating that was caught on tape last Wednesday night.

It all started after he walked into a smoke shop at 3rd and Pike.

"This young fellow about 4'11", 5' tall told me to get the *F* out of his way and my immediate reaction was like what are you talking about? Get the *F* out of my way,” assault victim Jeremiah Apana said.

Apana says as the young fellow walked out of the store ,he told Apana to watch out when he (Apana) walked back outside.

This is what happened next.

"As I was walking toward the door I could see one of the fellows pointing and all these guys gathering up by the door. I went out the door and the little fellow, he attacked me so I had him in a headlock.  I tried to fight him off and I don't know what happened after that. I could see other guys coming in, but that's all I remember is two other cats attacking me,” Apana said.

Apana still has no memory of what happened at that moment, but he says the beating wasn't over yet.

Dripping with blood, Apana says, he stumbled to a bus stop at 2nd and Pike.

His eyes were swollen, but as he approached,  he was shocked to see the same five men.

"I'm like, oh no, here we go again. So the guy who attacked me first, he attacked me again and then his buddies attacked me and punched me down to the ground, started kicking me. I just wanted to get a cop on the scene, you know, because I didn't want that to happen again.  Who knows if they were going to pull out a knife and finish me off,” Apana said.

Fortunately, Apana survived the beatings but he was in bad shape and spent several days in the hospital.

It will take time for him to recover but Apana is less concerned about his injuries and more concerned about helping police find his attackers.

"Nobody deserves to be jumped on like that.  I'm glad I survived it and maybe someone else wouldn't have been able to take all of those punches and they could have been dead, you know?” Apana said.

Apana hasn’t been back home, or back downtown for that matter, since the attack.

He’s afraid the bad guys will recognize him and try to finish him off.