Seattle workers demand 'predictable schedules'

SEATTLE -- Employees in Seattle are pushing hard for better work conditions. They argue that companies abuse them with unpredictable hours and changing schedules.

This effort follows the city’s pro-worker policies in recent years, including a $15 minimum wage and paid sick leave.

Some workers, who showed up Tuesday at City Hall, complain that they aren’t given schedules in advance and that their hours can fluctuate wildly from one week to another.  Those conditions make it hard for them to coordinate things such as child care, medical appointments, and household budgets.

Retail workers have a specific pet peeve:  when they have to close at night and then open the next day -- what’s called “clopening.”

“When I was in high school and college I 'clopened' and I had to miss classes and sporting events regularly,” said Katie Garrow, who now works for the King County Labor Council.

Here are the main goals of the “Secure Scheduling” Movement:

    Employers are worried about yet another mandate on their business.  Many argue that they need flexibility because of the natural ebb and flow of customer traffic, especially for restaurants.