Seattle's mayor seeks help on drones, slams Key Arena overhaul proposal

SEATTLE -- A day after the drone accident on the waterfront in Seattle, Mayor Ed Murray said the city needs help to combat the growing problem.  “We are asking, as many cities and states are, that the federal government give us the authority to do this, or set some rules in place.”

Murray did say, however, that Seattle has the ability to prosecute drone-users if their activity harms people.  Recently, a man was charged with reckless endangerment for a drone accident that hurt a woman in downtown Seattle last summer.

Key Arena Renovation

During an interview with Q13 FOX News, Murray also criticized a plan to privately overhaul Key Arena to attract an NBA and NHL franchise.  “This was not a serious proposal,” Murray said.  “This was an email to a staff person.”  Still, the mayor was open to the idea of looking the Seattle Center facility for the NBA.  “Key Arena would be a great place,” he said.

The mayor acknowledged that the city still has a deal with private investment group to build a new arena in the Sodo district.  “We have to honor that agreement legally,” Murray said.  “At some point, Chris Hansen is going to have to produce, or we’ll move on and look at other options.”


The mayor defended his recent plan to declare homeless an emergency, hoping to pave the way for federal and state assistance.  “We’ve had this year so far almost 40 people who have died on our streets,” Murray said.  “If they don’t give us help, we as cities cannot individually deal with a growing national crisis.”  Murray says the city has done all it can.  “It’s time for people to quit saying Seattle, solve it.”