Self-proclaimed 'Kia Boy' charged in 5 robberies pleads not guilty, mom's request for home detention denied

A robbery suspect who police say was captured on cell phone video calling himself a "Kia Boy" made an appearance in court Wednesday, facing a long list of charges. 

Ardrell Davis, 18, is accused of several robberies during a one-night crime spree in mid-September. He has pleaded not guilty and his defense attorney and his mother asked the judge to send him home with electronic monitoring.  

Detectives previously released a video that they say shows robbery suspect Ardrell Davis, hanging out the window of a car, openly taunting a victim, while other members of the group steal the victim's Kia minivan. 

"I know you're mad. I know you’re mad," said the man in the video, shouting at the theft victim. 

Davis is now charged in what detectives are calling a violent robbery spree, along with Ralphe Manuma. The two are accused of robbing five gas stations in the span of two hours on Sept. 19. Those robberies were reported in Bellevue, Burien, Seattle SeaTac and Tukwila.    

"These were brazen, violent, organized robberies in which the defendant and other subjects used a stolen car for transport from gas station to gas station," said the prosecutor in court Wednesday. 

Court documents describe the group's violent approach. In Bellevue, a Shell employee said four armed robbers surrounded him while he was, "spraying down the gas pumps outside". One of the men yelled at him, "Inside, Inside. I’ll shoot you". 

Once in the store, police said that the group stole blueberry-flavored cigars and other tobacco products from the shelves and ordered the clerk to open the registers. When he couldn't open one of the registers, he told police that one of the suspects hit him over the head with the gun. 

Investigators said in court documents that it was Manuma. 

"In one of the robberies the clerk was pistol-whipped," said the prosecutor in court."

In addition to stealing cash and tobacco products from the stores, the group was also accused of robbing a victim of $50 from his pockets in a 7-11 store in Seattle. Images filed with the court show the victim with their hands up while the suspects steal their money.  

Security video from multiple locations shows the robbers driving the same stolen car and wearing the same clothing. One of the men was wearing a pair of distinct red pants with "Boondocks" printed in white down the side. 

In court, Davis' attorney and his mother asked the judge to release him on home detention. 

"His mom has been a corrections officer for six years and will speak on his behalf," said his attorney. 

"I work here, literally right across the street from the courthouse, and will make sure he won’t miss any court dates. My son really is not really a violent person, and he has never been charged with any crimes of violence, or at all, and I hope the court can take that into account," said his mother.  

Prosecutors disagreed, asking the judge not to reduce bail, and pointing out that in a separate case, Davis was not following court orders. 

"Another concern in the pending Pierce County juvenile case," said the prosecutor. In that case, they noted that Davis was supposed to stay at a Lakewood address, but after further investigation, law enforcement determined that he was not living there full time. 

The prosecutor said that when a search warrant was executed on December 12th, some kids at the residence indicated that Davis didn't live at the residence, but only visited on occasion. 

"In a jail call with his mother, his mother indicated he was not living at the residence," said the prosecutor. 

The prosecutor also argued that Davis is a danger to the public and accused him of calling his girlfriend from jail, and asking her to destroy evidence. 

"This was simply a 2-hour window or snapshot of two very violent crimes that occurred in King County," said the prosecutor. "From that alone, I feel any type of release is inappropriate for danger to the community."

Ultimately, the judge kept bail at $500,000. 

"His mother, and he and his girlfriend, had a conversation that potentially implicates interference with the administration of justice, so the request is denied," said the judge. 

Court documents state that the two men have faced other charges in their past. Ardell Davis, who turned 18 in October, is facing charges in Pierce County Superior Court – Juvenile Division for possession of a stolen vehicle and resisting arrest.

Manuma has prior juvenile convictions for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle (2022), Taking a Motor Vehicle Without Permission in the Second Degree (2022), Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the Second Degree (2022), and Dangerous Weapon on School Premises (2022).