Senators wager oysters and beer on Seahawks game

WASHINGTON -- The upcoming Saints-Seahawks game has fans across the country in a bidding frenzy, and some state senators are getting in on the fun.

Senators Patty Murray (D-Wash), Maria Cantwell (D-Wash) are in a betting war with Louisiana senator Mary L. Landrieu. According to a release from Murray's office, the losing team's senator will provide the winning senators with oysters and beer from their home state. Sens. Murray and Cantwell have already offered up Pike Place Ale and oysters from Taylor Shellfish Farms, while Landrieu put charboiled oysters and Abita Amber beer on the line.

“I’m very confident going into Saturday knowing that the 12th man will be out in full force,” said Sen. Murray.  “In fact, in the spirit of good old-fashioned Senatorial courtesy, I told Senator Landrieu to keep the mute button handy if she doesn’t want it to sound like 67,000 of our die-hard fans are in her living room. But I don’t expect Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, Earl Thomas or any Hawk to extend any courtesies to the Saints, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Louisiana’s well-seasoned seafood stacks up with the natural bounty of the Pacific Northwest.”

“From Washington state to Washington D.C., Seahawks fans are looking forward to victory Saturday,” said Sen. Cantwell. “There is no way the Saints can prepare for the roar of Seattle’s key advantage – the 12th Man. Not only does Washington state have one of the NFL’s premier football teams, but our seafood and craft brewing industries are second-to-none.”

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