'Send it to the House' protests erupt in Olympia calling on Electoral College to not vote Monday

OLYMPIA – Often considered a formality, groups across the nation are calling on the Electoral College to use its powers as a failsafe and swing the election away from Donald Trump on Monday’s vote.

Dozens gathered on the steps of the state capitol in Olympia on Sunday night, lighting candles and chanting “Save our democracy; send it to the House.” It’s a call for electorates to abstain from voting, giving the power of presidential appointment to the House of Representatives.

“I support them, and I encourage them to really think about this and deliberate and what I hope they will do is send it to the House of Representatives so they can discuss this,” said Jay Fancher, holding a sign and candle in solidarity outside the capitol building. He bore the cold, hoping he said that the 538 electorates would see his sign, asking them to abstain from voting.

“It’s not a Republican thing, it’s not a Democrat thing, it’s foreign powers interfering with our process,” he said. Fancher said the tipping point for him to turn from a disappointed voter into an activist came after both the CIA and FBI had concluded Russia did meddle in the 2016 presidential elections.

“Honestly, had it gone the other way, I would still be here,” he said. “If Hillary Clinton had won with Russian interference, I would be here.”

Cindy Sharpe said Russia’s interference did play a role in her asking the Electoral College to reconsider their vote, but most important to her are the President Elect’s business dealings.

“We as Americans deserve to know about those conflicts of interest, we as Americans deserve to know what his business dealings are like before we give him the opportunity and the privilege of serving as President of the United States,” she said.

Some celebrities, including Debra Messing to Charlie Sheen, are using their pull to push for a delay of Monday’s vote, or for members of the college to abstain from voting altogether.

“We are asking them to do a failsafe. It’s a check and balance to the election,” said Sharpe. An ardent Democrat, Sharpe said she knows Hillary wouldn’t be the winner, but that’s not the point.

“I am not going to be shy here, I was a Hillary supporter, and I still am, but this is not about Hillary Clinton this is about finding the most capable and best person to serve as our Commander in Chief. I don’t have confidence that that man is Donald Trump.”