Serendipitous story of how Facebook reunited this long lost ring with one lucky senior

FINNS BEACH CLUB, Bali -- Roxy Walsh was on a snorkeling off the beach at a popular vacation spot in Bali last week when she spotted something glittering in the sand.

Turns out the sparkling object was a gold ring with a very unique engraving.

On a lark Roxy posted a photo on Facebook.

That post went instantly viral and by Monday morning had been shared more than 200-thousand times.

So Roxy started a new Facebook page titled "Find Joe and Jenny" and posted more photos of the ring.

At the end of last week something truly incredible happened.  Someone reached out to Roxy and helped her connect with the rightful owner of the ring.

Turns out Joe, Jenny and Roxy all live in the same area of Australia and they were able to meet up over the weekend to reunite ring with owner.

Roxy and Joe went on the TODAY Show in Australia Monday morning to share their serendipitous story of social media success!