Repeat sex offender sentenced for hiding in Peninsula H.S. girls' bathroom to take pics

On Thursday, a Pierce County judge sentenced a sex offender to more than four years behind bars after he admitted to hiding in a high school girls’ bathroom and taking cell phone pictures and videos of teenagers. 

Adam Nicholas Randolph, 36, pleaded guilty to breaking into Peninsula High School’s bathroom.

Probable cause documents that FOX 13 Seattle obtained break down Randolph’s crime: 

The documents state that in September 2023, Randolph drove his wife’s car to Peninsula High School on the night of a soccer game. He then hid inside a girl’s bathroom, sitting in a stall, waiting for girls to come inside the bathroom, so he could record them with his phone.

When he got caught, he ran out of the bathroom and drove off.

Investigators solved the case quickly. Peninsula School officials tell FOX 13 Seattle that Randolph was easily recognized because he was a former student at Peninsula High School.

In the courtroom on Thursday, Randolph sat feet away from several of his teenage victims.

"So violating. We were blindsided by it," said Elicia L’esperance.

L’esperance is the mom of one of the victims. She said her daughter did not even know she was being recorded.

"They went and searched his house after a kid found him at the soccer game and told her coach that she thought she was being recorded. And they [police] caught him. Then they went to his house and found the tapes with my daughter on it," said L’esperance.

She says she got a call a month after the incident at the soccer game. L’esperance told FOX 13 that the video found of her daughter was recorded inside one of Peninsula High School’s bathrooms during school hours. She says because of the trauma connected to the issue, her daughter now goes to a different school, which creates hardship for their family.

During the sentencing, Randolph publicly apologized.

"This is not the life that I want to live. I mean that. I think I can do a lot better,’ Randolph said in the courtroom.

However, this is not his first sex offense conviction.

Randolph is already a registered sex offender and has a lengthy history of sex offenses.

Documents FOX 13 Seattle obtained show:

  • Randolph has a misdemeanor conviction for attempted voyeurism in King County from 2006.
  • He has a misdemeanor conviction for third-degree sexual abuse out of Jackson County, Michigan from 2011.
  • Randolph also did two years behind bars for three counts of voyeurism in Pierce County from back in 2017, where he committed nearly the exact same crime.
  • Documents show that over a period of several months, Randolph repeatedly went into women’s bathrooms at the University of Puget Sound and took photos of women in the stalls.

For the recent Peninsula High School voyeurism convictions, Randolph will be locked up for 50 months, and under supervision following his release for 60 months. 

L’esperance told FOX 13 Seattle that the five-year supervision after his release is what gives her the most piece of mind.

"It’s not him being inside that I worry about, it’s when he is back outside. There is nothing he can really do to our kids from in there, but when he’s back out, then what? He needs that supervision to make sure this doesn’t happen again," she said.

Officials with Peninsula School District tell FOX 13 Seattle they notified families when the incident happened and added extra security to girls’ soccer games.

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