Sheriff's deputy pleads not guilty; police can't find officer's 69 guns

King County sheriff's deputy Darrion Holiwell

SEATTLE -- A King County sheriff's deputy accused of pimping out his estranged wife, dealing illegal steroids and stealing department ammunition pleaded not guilty to all charges Tuesday morning

Darrion Holiwell, 49, pleaded not guilty to promoting prostitution, first-degree theft and violation of the controlled substance act in King County Superior Court.

Holiwell, one of the county's premiere marksman, was arrested Thursday after a lengthy sheriff's office investigation.


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While in court, his lawyer argued that bail be reduced to $50,000. But the request was denied, as the judge said Holiwell broke the law and should be held to a higher standard because of his placement within law enforcement.

Holiwell also has 69 guns registered to his name, but police have not been able to find any of them.

According to the Seattle Times, Holiwell is still paid as a sheriff's office employee while in jail.

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