Sheriff's deputy shot by arrow on mental health call

ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- A sheriff's deputy in eastern Washington is recovering after being shot with a hunting arrow while responding to a call about a mental health emergency.

Kittitas County Corporal James Woody was struck Tuesday afternoon near Ellensburg.

Woody was hit as he opened the door to a home where a man with a history of fighting with law enforcement was reportedly threatening residents on the property.

The man who shot the officer surrendered peacefully and was taken into custody. It's unclear if he will face any charges.

Woody was taken to the hospital where a doctor sewed up his wound and released him after treatment.

Undersheriff Clay Myers said the officer was fortunate that the arrow struck at an angle and stopped when it struck a bone.

"Cpl. Woody was very fortunate, the arrow appeared to have hit at enough of an angle when it struck the bone, it transitioned away instead of driving straight in. The Doctor was able to sew him up and release him. This is another unfortunate incident which illustrates the need for better solutions for our citizens who are affected by mental illness. Law enforcement has to respond to these calls but, unfortunately, most of the time the people involved are already in crisis. and that puts our officers and the citizen at great risk."