Shooting at Southcenter Mall

TUKWILA -- On Wednesday afternoon, shots were fired at the Southcenter Mall, police said.

Mike Murphy with Tukwila police said they located a stolen car near Nordstrom at the mall and were questioning a woman near the car.

Meanwhile, another police officer saw a person who matched the description of the driver of the stolen car in another vehicle in the driveway west of Nordstrom.  The officer ordered the driver of the car to stop, but the driver struck the officer with the car; the officer then fired at the car.

The vehicle had two people inside it.

The suspects attempted to flee into a nearby Target parking lot, but it ended up being a dead-end and police arrested them. One of the two men who was hit by police gunfire was transported to Harborview Medical Center. His condition is unknown. Both men were taken into custody.

The officer who was struck by the vehicle was treated on the scene and was not transported to the hospital.

During the incident, shoppers inside Nordstrom were told to stay inside the store, which was locked down.