Shoreline man sings to spider, finds brief internet fame (VIDEO)


SHORELINE, Wash – A Shoreline man is getting his 15 minutes of fame thanks to a video he produced in which he sings to a spider.

Yup, you read that correctly.  He sings to a spider.

Andrew Wilcox calls himself his family’s ‘spider remover’ because whenever his sisters see a spider they call him to get rid of it.

Now this is where things get a little odd.

“My oldest sister doesn't like to kill spiders either so she found a way to "get back at the spider" without doing it any harm,” writes Wilcox in the comments section of his YouTube video. “She sings at them in an opera voice and they freak out!”

So Wilcox decided to try it himself.

“I laughed so hard I had to share,” he writes.

The video was first published on Aug 13th and now has more than 135,000 videos thanks to postings by several British tabloids and on

“In one day it jumped from 700 to 130,000 views and it's still rising” Wilcox said in an email to Q13 FOX News.

So why are people watching this video?

You’ll just have to watch it and decide for yourself.