Singer jumps from stage mid-concert to save fan being choked by security guards (VIDEO)

BRISBANE, Australia--  The lead singer of a popular Australian band stepped in to stop her own security detail from choking a fan right in front of the stage where she was performing and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Jenna McDougal, singer with Tonight Alive, can first been seen and heard telling a scrum of security guards at the edge of the stage 'he's cool, he's cool.'

"Let him go," she says into her microphone.  "It's my fault."

The camera then pans down off stage to where at least 4 security guards can be seen holding another man on the ground and for a few seconds even seeming to hold the man's neck.

McDougal then jumps down off the stage and physically intervenes.  Eventually the singer helps the fan to his feet as the guards part around them.

McDougal can be heard saying the man only wanted a high five, which he does eventually get.