Singing for science? Local professor changes tune

SEATTLE-For a lot of people, math and science are tough subjects to master in school. Thanks to music, it’s getting a lot easier for students at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Kane Hall on the UDub campus is known for science lectures but it’s getting a music make-over. Professor Greg Crowther likes to think outside the box, saying science can be fun.

He’s known as the singing professor.

“If students are enjoying themselves, they want to come to class,” says Crowther.

Along with the lecture, Crowther sings jingles or raps to inject some fun into the lesson.

“I was shocked but at the same time, it really injected some really fun and energy into class,” says one student.

“That’s what you want to do, hit them unexpectantly, and then they will remember that strongly,” says Crowther.

He’s been writing and singing songs for about 10 years and says the students really seem to respond well to the unique take on science. He’s even created an online database of his songs and other songs, so teachers can use them in their lecture.

Visit the singing professor's website here.