Single mom jogging in Tacoma badly injured by hit-and-run driver

TACOMA -- Christel Elliot, a teacher and single mother, is recovering in the hospital after a driver hit her while she ran in downtown Tacoma and then took off.

Elliot was in so much pain she couldn't even crawl to the side of the road. She lay in the street, at the corner of 19th and L, screaming for help.

Doctors say she has a fractured hip that required several pins.

Elliot's sister, Debby Parker, said she is lucky to be alive.

"Her son, and her students, and her family are her life and to have that almost taken away so quickly is really scary for all of us," Parker said. "We want that person to do the right thing and come forward."

Police don't hove much to go on in this case. They believe the car that hit Elliot Wednesday night was a white, 4-door sedan. Officers believe it's a 1990-95 model car, possibly an Acura. Police say the vehicle would have front-end damage to it.

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If you know anything about the accident, you're urged to call police.