Sister thanks 'incredible' theme park employees who comforted brother with Down syndrome

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - A sister’s thank you message to two “incredible” Busch Gardens Williamsburg employees who comforted her brother with Down syndrome has gone viral.

In a Monday Facebook post, Nadia Ki says her brother really wanted to go on the ride Finnegan's Flyer, but she was worried that he would freak out once at the top of the 80 feet tall swing.

She says two “amazing” employees volunteered to sit beside him.

A photo shows the employees wearing green Busch Garden shirts with Nadia’s brother sandwiched in the middle with a huge smile.

“My brother did have his eyes closed the entire time but absolutely loved it,” wrote. “Everyone cheered and clapped for him when he got off the ride. It was an awesome moment for everyone, only made possible by the 2 employees who volunteered to get on with him. Thank you again.”

In 24 hours, the post which was sent to Busch Gardens Williamsburg Connoisseurs has more than 23,000 likes and 6,000 shares.