Ski resorts enjoying the latest winter storm

SNOQUALMIE PASS - The latest winter storm has been an issue for drivers heading over the Snoqualmie Pass this weekend. But businesses like the Summit at Snoqualmie are enjoying the snowfall, and hopeful it will continue.

4 year old Chloe Graham had a good time playing in the snow today.

“It was super fun.”

Her grandfather said he’s been waiting for the chance to come up to Snoqualmie Pass and enjoy the winter weather.

“Oh it's great,” said Gary Suher. “Her mom and dad are at a Christmas party, so we said let's go take her up to the mountains.”

Last winter, Mother Nature was not kind to Washington ski resorts. There was so little snow, the Summit at Snoqualmie was only open for 44 days. So everyone’s excited about to see four to five inches of new snow falling today, with more expected overnight.

“It’s already better than last year,” says snowboard instructor Jason Theriault.

Even though the resorts hasn’t been able to open all the runs yet, he says crowds have been good for this opening weekend.

“People seem to be chomping at the bit. To see this many people up here today, even the people who aren't skiing or snowboarding but just sledding, they're really going for it.”

Of course, getting up to the mountain has been a challenge today. Many cars and trucks had to pull over and put on chains, so they could handle the snow and slush on the roadway. But Theriault says that shouldn’t stop people from coming up and enjoying themselves.

“Driving up here, you need to be prepared. Like you got to have the right kind of car, we were just talking about 4 wheel drive, but people don't have the right kind of snow tires. You're coming up on a mountain pass, you just got to think about it.”

Summit West and Summit Central are scheduled to open at 9 am Sunday. For more information, go to