Snohomish County crews clear 9,000+ miles of road ahead of snowfall

As snow and ice hit major Snohomish County roads, the county has every plow working around the clock in an attempt to keep up with challenges on the road.

The Snohomish Public Works team reports that they’ve cleared more than 9,000 miles of road between Saturday night and Tuesday morning. Drivers are expected to continue to plow, sand and salt until the temperatures rise back above freezing in a few days.

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"We had a consistent snow fall overnight with our crews focused on clearing the new snow and laying down abrasives," said Public Works Director Kelly Snyder.

While thousands of roads have seen attention, the county is advising people to track conditions on the Snohomish County website.

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They put out a number of helpful reminders that drivers should know:

  • Know who to call and when (Life-threatening emergencies: 911, non-life threatening emergencies: 425-407-3999)
  • To report roads to the county, call 425-388-7500; requests will be recorded but won't impact priority during snow events
  • Give snowplows and deicer equipment plenty of room to work, allow for a minimum following distance of 200 feet
  • If you must pass, take extreme caution and beware of the displaced snow and ice, or sand spray
  • Vehicles parked along all major arterials and emergency routes must be moved off the street. Vehicles left in the travel lane of a roadway and blocking traffic may be towed at the owner’s expense. It is recommended for vehicles to be moved when snow is in the forecast. Parking vehicles in the driveway and off the road helps the snowplows finish routes more quickly and efficiently
  • Residents clearing driveways and snow berms are advised to pile the snow to the left side as you face the house, especially closer to the road. This prevents the snowplow blade from pushing the material back into the driveway. Throwing snow onto the road creates obstructions in the roadway and can be hazardous
  • Keep drainage inlets near your home clear of leaves and debris during the winter months to help reduce the chance of flooding
  • Try to keep garbage bins and other obstacles out of the street when the roads are icy or covered with snow
  • Obey road closed signs
  • Be sure to have vehicles mechanically prepared for cold weather. Have tire chains or traction tires readily available
  • Keep food, water and medical supplies in your home that will last at least one week. Pay attention to weather reports and plan ahead for even longer periods of time
  • Follow the Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management and Public Works department on Twitter and like Snohomish County on Facebook for the most up-to-date information during an event