Snohomish County sheriff seeks help on missing persons, identification of remains

SEATTLE -- May is missing and unidentified person’s month, a time to draw attention to cases that remain unsolved.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and Victim Support Services held a 'Missing Persons Awareness Event' outside the courthouse in Everett on Thursday.  In that county alone, there are 27 missing people and 16 whose remains have been found but detectives don’t know who they are. They range from a “Baby Jane Doe” found under a bridge in Marysville in 1951 to a skull found on the Tulalip Reservation in May 2016.

They have open John Does found in 1956, 1967, 1977, 1978, 1979, three in 1980, 1991, 1994, 2007, 2015 and 2016 and three Jane Doe cases from 1951, 1977 and 2009.

"What we would like the public to do is if you know somebody that's missing, then you need to call the sheriff's office or police department and provide their full name and date of birth and we can check and see if they are in our files or not. If they're not in our file, we want you to report them missing so we can match them up to all the remains that are unidentified,” said Det. Jim Scharf.

For example, in years past if you reported a missing teen who ran away, they were removed from the system when they turned 18.

“Once you have made a report on a missing person, help Law Enforcement obtain their dental records and get family members to provide DNA to enter into the Family DNA database.  Between dental records, DNA profiles and fingerprints on file, matches can be made to identify found human remains,” Scharf said.

Many families turn to Victim Support Services for help. The non-profit organization was started 42 years ago in Seattle by a group of women whose kids were missing.

"We're just kind of there to support them throughout this process especially when someone is missing a loved one who is an adult. It's not a crime to go missing or runaway so that's what makes it tricky and difficult for those loved ones so we're there for them,” said Leslie McPherson. They run a 24-hour hotline to help victim’s families. Call 1-888-288-9221.

Snohomish County Missing Person Cases:

Reported        Case #             Name                                      Location last known to be

12-18-62          62-06032         Bernice Selby                          6300 - 97th Drive NE, Lake Stevens

09-17-70          70-82465         Jeannette Miller                       Lincoln Bridge, Arlington

08-27-79          88-66590         Titanic Magnussen Hagen      Marysville Area

05-23-80          96-20020         John Weisenburger                  Sultan Area

07-19-81          81-24036         Alice Lou Williams                 Lake Loma Area

02-05-83          14-06784         Mitchell Darlington                RR Bridge over River at Snohomish

1988                96-03079         Rodney P. Johnson               North Snohomish County

07-21-89          89-64629         Juliana Mae Schubert             Burn Road, Arlington

02-23-91          91-16498         Reuben Michah Lewis            12404 Admiralty Way, Mallard Cove

1993                14-14307         Joseph A. Pacheco                  Tulalip or Lake Stevens Area

06-04-95          95-09513         Tracey Brazzel                        Hwy 99 and Airport Road

09-06-95          95-15757         Rory Neal Shoemaker             Granite Falls Area

10-08-97          97-19172         Harry March                            Sultan Basin Road Mile Post 4.

02-05-00          00-02377         Gary Lewis Smith                   Transient in Everett Area

10-22-03          16-68957         Alfred Swain McFarland        Homeless in Seattle

08-05-04          04-18688         Shelby Wright                         900 block of 135th Ave SE, Machias

04-16-06          06-9635           Muneeb Shaudhry                   I-90 Bridge over Lake Washington

12-24-06          06-32506         Karen Koford                         Hwy 2 bridge at Snohomish River

10-08-09          09-20344         Brock Holmes                         24702 Florence Acres Road, Monroe

10-14-09          09-20780         Galina Brown                         13519 69th Ave. SE, Snohomish

09-29-09          09-22616         Frederick Yamamoto              Denney Park on Lake WA, Kirkland

02-21-10          10-3275           Alejandro Rodrigues Gonzalez     South Everett Area

06-05-11          11-09946         Angela Gilbert                        Stillaguamish River by Granite Falls

07-07-11          11-12397         Alfonso Najera                        Everett Area

08-08-11          11-14288         Misael Margarito-Sanchez      9118 113th Dr. SE, Snohomish

06-04-14          14-9733           David Lomakin                       5500 block of 147th Ave. NE, Lk. St.

01-13-15          15-26664         Jonathan Nelson                      124th Street SE and 4th Ave W.