Snoqualmie parents rally for return to in-person learning

Parents are planning a rally Monday to reopen Snoqualmie Valley Schools while demanding a timeline for a return to in-person learning.

Organizers of the rally want the Snoqualmie Valley School District to commit to the following: 

  • Provide a working timeline for all grades at all schools to return to in-person learning in the 2020-2021 school year 
  • Provide transparency on negotiations with the Snoqualmie Valley Education Association 
  • Provide weekly email communication on specific steps being taken to re-open schools 
  • Provide a town-hall forum for parents and community leaders to ask questions and participate in dialogue with district administrators and school board members 

Currently, the Snoqualmie Valley School District has partially reopened for in-person learning with some special needs students back in classrooms.  

The district has also posted a safety plan for other students to head back to school. 

Parents attending the rally say they want a firm date for when they’re students will return to school.  

Geographically, the Snoqualmie Valley School District is one the largest districts in the state.  

Comments on social media show parents on both sides of the issue.  

Some say they’re willing to wait while voicing their concerns of asymptomatic students spreading Covid-19 to teachers and older family members. 

The rally is set to place Monday from 9 a.m. - 11a.m. at the district administration building in Snoqualmie.