'Snowcat' rescues two stranded hikers near Rattlesnake Ridge

NORTH BEND - They say 'timing is everything'.  And two Seattle men, who were stranded in deep snow near Rattlesnake Ridge Saturday, might agree.  The King County Sheriff's Search and Rescue unit used it's newly, donated 'Snowcat' to help rescue the hikers near North Bend, police said.

Sergeant Cindi West told Q13 News that the Sheriff's office just received the Snowcat and used it Saturday in its first search and rescue mission.

The men were hiking up the trail to Rattlesnake Ridge when they became lost in deep snow around 2:30pm.  One of the hikers called 911 to report they needed help, West said.

Search and rescue teams drove the Snowcat about 6 miles up the trail and located the hikers, ages 23 and 28.

West said that the rescue teams and the hikers were down off the mountain around 5:30pm.  The hikers were cold, but in good shape.