Someone steal your Honda? This man may be to blame

EVERETT -- One Snohomish County man has admitted to stealing around 100 older model Honda Civics and Toyota's since August, roughly at a rate of five cars a week, the Everett Herald reports.

According to the Herald, 20-year-old Caleb Bradley admitted to the barrage of thefts after being pulled over Tuesday in a stolen 2008 Honda Civic. Bradley told police he boosted the cars with shaved keys, rifled through their contents and pocketed anything of value inside the car before leaving the car in a well-lit place so it could be recovered and given back to the owner.

Bradley also allegedly said it was so easy to steal cars, he did it simply as a place to get from Point A to Point B.

"It was easier for him to just take a Honda to go where he wanted to go than to catch a ride with a friend or wait for a bus," Everett Police Auto Theft Task Force Detective Eric Fagan told the Herald.

Police said Bradley used shaved keys -- called jigglers -- to break into mostly older model Hondas. He would keep the cars for a day or two, police told the Herald, before ditching them in a visible spot so they could be found and returned to their owners. He even stole cars so he could make it to court dates on time, the Herald reported.

Bradley was booked into jail on four counts of auto theft Tuesday, the Herald reported. Police are interviewing Bradley in hopes of determining the location of more stolen cars.