Sound Transit 3: Costs vs. benefits

SEATTLE -- We are going in-depth on the ballot measure that could have the greatest impact on your bottom line -- Sound Transit 3.

As many people ask about ST3: Is it worth it?

With any big financial decision, and this is a really big one, you have to  weigh the costs versus the benefits.

Some of the Costs:

The total cost is $54 billion dollars. Sound Transit says, per median household, it works out to $326 more per year.

Middle-class families will now be paying roughly $1,000 a year to Sound Transit, in increased property tax, sales tax, and tax on your car tabs.

Some of the Benefits:

We expand our transit system,  which includes 62 more miles of light rail and 37 more stations -- along with additional bus Rapid Transit and Sounder commuter train service.

If you want to know how much ST3 will cost you, our news partners The Seattle Times have a  calculator, so you can figure out your exact amount per year by clicking here.