Sound Transit security officers ‘extra aware’ after attempted terror attack in New York

SEATTLE – The attempted terror attack in New York City has had an impact here in Puget Sound.

Sound Transit officials says they are beefing up security at stations, and advising security officers to remain extra aware.

Most riders who spoke with Q13 News said they won’t let the incident in New York dictate their lives in Seattle.

“It’s kind of scary,” said rider Meagan Zimmerschied. “You never know where it could happen next. So it is a little worrying, especially since I have a 3-year-old.”

Zimmerschied says she has to take public transit from her home on Beacon Hill to her job on Capitol Hill. She says acts of terror can happen anywhere and anytime – and it’s not possible for her to change how she commutes.

“I literally can’t change them, I can’t do anything other than take the bus or light rail,” she said. “That’s all I got.”

“You know, these incidents can happen anywhere,” said security expert Jeffery Slotnick.

Slotnick says Seattle, and most other large cities, already have soft targets like concerts venues and sports stadiums. But he says changing up your habits is one way those seeking to stoke terror can find success.

“I wouldn’t let events like what happened in New York this morning or three weeks ago discourage you from shopping, enjoying your life and having a good time with your family,” he said.

Zimmerschied says she feels not only comfortable, she also feels safe riding public transit in and around Seattle.

“There are security guards or people present almost every single time,” she said. “I like to think there’s somebody keeping an eye out.”

Sound Transit says besides electronic security measures and security guards, passengers also play a part when looking out for suspicious items and people.

An agency spokesperson says the public needs to keep their eyes peeled for things that look out of the ordinary, and speak out when something doesn’t seem right.

The Seattle FBI office shared this statement with Q13 News:
The FBI currently has no specific, credible information that would suggest a pending threat to Washington state. However, the FBI remains vigilant and, as we do every day, will continue to work with law enforcement partners to detect, disrupt, and dismantle any threats that may emerge. We also maintain communication with FBI Headquarters to remain abreast of developments around the world that may inform our outreach efforts and investigative activities in the state of Washington.