SPD's bomb dog Dennis loses battle with cancer

SEATTLE -- Dennis, the Seattle Police Department's heralded bomb dog, died Monday night from complications from inoperable cancer, the Retired Seattle Police Canine Fund announced.

"It is with great sadness to announce that Bomb Dog Dennis passed away this evening," the group's Facebook page said. "He had a normal breakfast and morning walk, but showed signs of fatigue this afternoon due to the ongoing complications related to his cancer.

"He went in for fluid draining but he did not survive the procedure, suffering from both cardiac and respiratory distress.

"He touched the hearts of many, was a faithful and loving partner, and a loyal officer protecting the citizens of Seattle.

"He will be missed," the post said.

"We`ve gone to over a thousand calls in ... five years," Dennis' handler, Seattle police officer Craig Williamson, said in March. "Nothing`s ever blown up after we`ve left, no one`s gotten hurt because he failed to do his job."

And, "he`s produced a lot of smiles along the way."

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