Starbucks takes to the rails in Switzerland

SEATTLE -- Starbucks continues to expand its global brand.

On Thursday, the coffee-giant unveiled the first store on a train in Zurich. It's a fully-branded Starbucks motif on the inside and out.

Officials says its one of the smallest espresso bars and stores that Starbucks has ever designed. On the entry level, the baristas will serve passengers from behind a curved wooden bar that also features a small pastry case. There's a lounge are upstairs with movable chairs and shared wooden tables. The menu is on the train windows and inside there's seating for 50 customers.

To add Swiss-inspired details, special dials resembling watch faces were crafted and built into all of the upstairs tables. Each has a number on it which is also used to support table service, so customers can order from their seats and have drinks delivered.

“It was an incredible and rewarding challenge to design our first ever Starbucks store on a train. We had to combine functionality and beautiful design, whilst taking into account a variety of factors such as constant movement of the train, space limitation and stringent safety regulations", said Liz Muller, director of concept design for Starbucks.

The first official voyage for the Starbucks train will take place on the train line running from Geneva Airport to St. Gallen in Switzerland on November 21.

Don't expect this in the U.S. anytime soon. Starbucks says this is a test and they'll see how well it does.