Starbucks to close 2nd Capitol Hill location, alleging rise in crime

Starbucks is closing its Capitol Hill store at Broadway and Denny next month, alleging a rise in crime, drug use and harassment.

The coffee giant announced the shop will close Dec. 9. Notably, this shop was the first to unionize in Seattle, and Starbucks Workers United claims this decision was made in retaliation.

"The Broadway and Denny location was the first store to unionize in Seattle, and one of the first locations to organize in the country after Buffalo baristas won the first Starbucks union," wrote organizers. "Now, Starbucks is closing the store on the anniversary of that day."

In July, Starbucks also announced a slew of closures, including shops in Central District, Pioneer Square, 4th and Pine, North Seattle, and another Capitol Hill location down the street on Denny Way and Summit.

"At Starbucks, we make every effort to ensure our partners feel safe and supported at work so they can focus on providing our customers the safe, welcoming experience they’ve come to love and expect," said a Starbucks spokesperson. "Unfortunately, despite several mitigating efforts, safety and security incidents at our Broadway and Denny store have continued to escalate."

According to the company, there has been theft, vandalism, property damage, drug use, threats, verbal harassment and assaults.

"This is the most clear-cut case of retaliation this company has shown closing a union store yet," tweeted a union spokesperson. "Starbucks & Howard Schultz are playing petty games with worker’s lives. They lack respect not only for the rights of their workers, but for the law of this country."

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Starbucks said it will meet with the union for effects bargaining. Employees of this shop will be paid for their scheduled shifts through Dec. 11, the company says.