State Senate votes to move up Washington's presidential primary to week after 'Super Tuesday'

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The Washington state Senate has approved a bill to move up and strengthen the state's 2016 presidential primary.

In a 36-12 vote Tuesday night, a bipartisan majority supported a bill from Secretary of State Kim Wyman to revamp how the state conducts its presidential primary. Under the bill, Washington's primary date would move from late May to one week after the early March Super Tuesday primaries. In 2016, that would be March 8.

If both major parties agree to allocate at least part of their Washington delegates according to the primary results instead of party caucuses, each primary would only be open to people who publicly declare a party. If either Republicans or Democrats decline, all presidential candidates from both parties would go onto a single ballot, and anyone could cast a vote.

The bill goes next to the House.